About Rusty Old Dragons

Rusty Old Dragons is a mature, relaxed, guild formed from a core of players who have been together, in various shapes and sizes, for over 6 years. We are not elitist or hardcore anything, we like to play the game to have fun. We want to give everything a go so, whether its fishing, questing, or pvp, you're welcome to join!

We don't have any special requirements, other than expecting all our members to be polite and considerate to all other players in the game. That said, we do have some rules and guidelines that you can find on the About Us page.


Joining Guildlaunch/Gamerlaunch and applying to our website are 2 separate processes and you must complete both, and be logged in, to be able to use our website!

  • If you do already have an account with guildlaunch, you can just sign in and hit the apply button.
  • If you don't already have an account with guildlaunch, you'll need to create one first (make sure you check your email for account creation confirmation,) and then come back and apply.

If you are seeing this message then it's highly likely that you haven't applied!
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