About Us


 Rusty Old Dragons is a mature, relaxed, guild formed from a core of players who have been together, in various shapes and sizes, for over 6 years. We are not elitist or hardcore anything, we like to play the game to have fun. We want to give everything ago so, whether its fishing, questing, or pvp, you're welcome to join!


We don't have any special requirements, other than expecting all our members to be polite and considerate to all other players in the game. That said, we do have some rules and guidelines that you can find on this page.


If you're interested, send in an application here or look for a Rusty Old Dragon in a channel near you!


If you already have an account with guildlaunch, you can just sign in and hit the apply button. If you don't already have an account with guildlaunch, you'll need to create one first (make sure you check your email for account creation confirmation,) and then come back and apply. Please note that registering here on our website requires no personal information to be shared with us. When creating an account, you are asked for an email address but it is not visible to anyone, even the site creator.





Not everyone likes to play alone, which is why we come together as a guild to play together! Help out your fellow members when you can, because you never know when you might need it yourself. Everyone in ROD is entitled to have fun. If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong! We dabble in all areas of content so you can do what is the most fun to you.



We expect our members to behave in a mature, adult manner. 


Be considerate of others, and respect others social and cultural backgrounds by keeping any offensive language, behaviours, and attitudes to a minimum. We know you're grown up, you don't have to prove it by cussing in guild chat!  


Discrimination of any form, be it sexual, racial, or otherwise, will not be tolerated. Saying "it's just a joke" doesn't make it acceptable.


No Spoliers in guild chat or on TS! Contrary to popular belief, there are new players in this game that haven't done everything 50 times and its pretty crappy to ruin stories for them.


We encourage using TS for everyone who can as it's a much faster, clearer means of communicating.


Recruiting isn't mandatory but we do need a constant flow of new blood into the Guild to keep it active. Be sure to discuss the rules with potential new members, it helps prevent problems down the road. Also, do not be afraid that you will be held responsible for a new recruit's behavior, you will not. Conversely, do not take offense if your new recruit is dismissed from or leaves the Guild.


Helping other members out is what makes ROD special. You are not required to drop what you are doing to help another member, but if you are available and not doing anything at the moment you should try to lend a hand.




Ranks are assigned at the sole discretion of the leadersand officers, please don't ask for a promotion or blatantly kiss ass trying to get one. However, if you feel that someone ought to be brought to attention, please let us know! There are a number of ways in which you will get ranked up, it all depends on your level of partication in the guild.  Teamspeak, Auction, Raffle, Direct donations, Events, Chat help, Time in guild,  the list could go on.  





The Assisant GM's of ROD. They provide support and advice, and are part of the Leadership of the guild. - @MagiMcVay, @Charger52, @Devilzdog,@ladyvay2014


Past Founders of the Guild. The Officers of ROD. They provide support and advice, and are part of the Leadership of the guild. -However they can remove guild bank gold.  @Lysara159 @Ittybits,@Catdragon513.


Members who consistently go above, and beyond, to help the guild. As well as Ex Officers. 


Registered Guild Crafters


Members who have contributed to the Auction and/or Raffle on a Weekly basis~Members who show up for other Guild Events, such as PVP, Overland, Trivia, etc on a regular basis. Members who have donated to the guild bank of crafting materials and other consisant items needed in game. For at least 1 year.  


Members who have contributed to Auction and/or Raffle on a Monthly basis. Members who shown up for other Guild events, such as PVP, Overland, Trivai,etc as often as possible. For at least 6 months.


Memebers who have signed up on the website. Members who have contributed items to the Guild Auctions or have bought Raffle and/or 50/50 tickets weekly. Members who have been in the guild for at least 90 days.


Members who are registered here on the guild website & have been in guild for more then 30 days. 


New recruits




Members that have been inactive for over the time allowed for their rank will be kicked. If your activity picks back up you're welcome to join in again. We know that real life sometime, rudely, inteferes with your gaming! If you know something is coming up that will take you away, you can let us know and we'll take note of it.




THE GUILD BANK  We are storing processed crafting materials (ingots, cloth and hides,) runes and items like recipes that are blue quality or higher. Consumables like food and potions, and equipment, and glyphs are not required. Low value/quality items will be sold and the coin deposited. You do not have to donate to the guild bank, but it is appreciated. Items from the guild bank are for our Guild Crafters to fulfill Crafting Requests. If the bank gets to a point where it's over flowing, excess mats will be sold and the coin gained will get deposited into the guild bank to put towards whatever we are working on next


THE WEBSITE A place for you to find out the latest and greatest, and share it, with your guildies. Please be courteous to others by keeping political and/or religious observations to a minimum. We can still get along great while sharing different ideas! Anything illegal or explicit that is posted will be removed (and the member reprimanded/punted.) Forums will be moderated by the leaders, and officers, and their actions are final.


TEAMSPEAK A must for getting the most fun out of the guild. If you have friends that you would like to invite, please let an officer know. We have limited slots available on the server so it's only fair that they are accessible to guildmates! We have no mimimum age requirement to join us on Teamspeak, though if you're under 18 you will be restricted to the Family Friendly channel. You can find out more about using our Teamspeak here.




The leadership of Rusty Old Dragons reserves the right to dismiss members at anytime, as they see fit.


Any member dismissed for inactivity is welcome back at any time.


ROD may not be the right fit for everyone and we don't expect you to stay if you don't feel like we're right for you. If you decide to leave, please let an Officer or Leader know. If you change your mind and want to come back, that's great! Just once, though. We're not a yoyo!


Any bs/drama will get swiftly stomped on because it's tedious and blah. This includes disruptive behaviour such as being argumentative in guild chat or guild groups. Members who cause drama will be booted and will not be welcome back. If you see any shenanigans go on, and no officers are present, please screenshot and send it to an Officer or Leader. If you don't report problems to us, we can't look into it! Please note: emails that are vague and don't give details are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. ("there was a mean/rude person in guild chat, and it made me angry/sad/ragequit" = not helpful)


Discrimination of any form, be it sexual, racial, or otherwise, will not be tolerated and will result in being kicked from the guild permanently. Saying "it's just a joke" doesn't make it acceptable.


Any activity breaking the game rules and/or Terms of Service is also worthy of a perma-boot. 




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