As a guild member, you can request that a guild crafter make you some equipment for your adventures. You can ask for armour and weapons to wear, or equipment to learn traits from. You can also ask for glyphs but there is no guarantee given that we don't have a huge supply of every rune available. At this point, the guild will cover materials for armour and weapons up to CP150 BLUE quality in BLUE STYLES  with any trait except nirnhoned (potent or fortified nirncrux must be supplied by you.) If you want it higher quality, you can provide the materials.


Please bear in mind that our crafters play for fun too, so they may not be able to drop everything and make your request straight away. If you can, PLAN AHEAD a few levels and get your order in before you need it (so that you don't need to fuss about getting your gear.)


If you have a crafting request placed, please be patient. Out Guild Crafters offer their help on their own time and, as such, do not deserve to be harassed about when your orders will be completed. If we receive multiple complaints about someone harassing our Guild Crafters, they will be excluded from the crafting request system. There should be no reason you would need to chase up an order, especially if you plan ahead.


If you place a crafting request, please check back on it often in case there are questions regarding your order. If a guild crafter has asked a question and there's been no reply for a few days, we'll close the request as we will assume you no longer need it.


The Crafting Request system is only available to guild members who have signed up on the website. 




If you want your request done in a timely manner, follow the instructions below!



Click the big red button to open a new forum post. If requests could follow the template below (copy, paste and edit to suit) it would help a lot. It provides all the information that the Guild Crafter would require to make your equipment exactly the way you want it. If you don't know what set gear you would like, you can look it up here. Remember to include your @name in your post so that the Crafter can send it to you!


Here's some information to help you decide what you want

Crafted Equipment Sets - Lists the different sets that can be made, and where to make them.

Equipment Appearances - Shows the different styles that you can have your equipment made in.

Traits - Lists the different traits that you can have on your equipment. (Nirnhoned is not covered by the guild and will need to be supplied by the you.)


 Please use the template and fill out every field with an actual choice.

Columns with entries like "ANY" or "UNSURE"  in them will delay your crafting request as the crafter confirms what you actually want.

If you aren't sure of a style or trait, please research whats available or ask someone in guild before filling out the request.  

Not using the form will also delay your crafting request!

9 trait sets will take longer than others to complete, given the length of time it takes for Crafters to unlock them. If you ask for a 9 trait set, plan waaaaay ahead.


REQUEST TEMPLATE (suggested by @Flyonward)



 Armor Piece  Type (H/M/L)
 Trait  Set  Level Style Glyph



 Type (1H/2H)  Trait  Set Level Style Glyph




No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em