The Guild Auction is held in guild chat every Saturday at 7pm EST.

**Please note that we will taking a break over the holidays, so there will be no Auction on December 24th or December 31st.



Auction Donations should be mailed to @RustyOldDragons with "Auction Donation" in the title. We appreciate all donations but, since we get so many, the following items aren't required and will be returned to sender:


* Blue / Green Equipment - we provide blue stuff for free via crafting requests, so it's kinda odd to sell it.

* Blue Motifs - we get heaps of these in the guild bank that we give away for free

* Green Recipes - we get heaps of these too, and they also get given away for free

* Green Furniture Plans - Ditto!

* Event Items - Seasonal event items such as motifs, recipes etc.. if you have a lot of these, other's probably do to!


If you're sending in a few different things, it's preferable if you can split them into separate mails keeping like items together. For example, if you wanted to donate a Trinimac motif, a Primal motif and some blue recipes, you'd send 3 mails rather than bundling it all in one. It saves a heap of time when preparing for the auction!


If you specifically want us to bundle stuff together because you think it will do well, just pop a note in with your donation to let us know. Otherwise, we'll shuffle things around to try to make the best sense out of what gets donated.


Donations are listed during the auction in the order that they are received in, just to keep it simple. If you're not sure, just send us a whisper / mail and ask!



Bids should be in no less than 1000 gold increments and units specified (1k  is 1,000 gold, 100k is 100,000 gold).  Bids without units will be ignored so please pay attention to this detail. Do not worry about accidentally spending to much due to a typo.  If you bid 100k when you meant 1k, as long as you speak up immediately, we will not hold you to that bid.



The Auctioneer will list out the rules for the auction before it starts and, if needed, after the break in the middle of the event. The main thing to remember is that for the auction to run smoothly, interruptions are not welcome and the Officers of the guild will (gently, at first) poke at you if you do so. Please heed their advice and we'll all get along just fine!

Once an item is listed, the usual GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, SOLD pattern is followed. Once an item is sold, no more bids will be accepted. We know all too well that chat can lag sometimes for some people, it does for us too. We will always go by what is shown on the auctioneers chat window.



On winning a auction, please mail the winning price to @CHARGER52 with "Auction Payment" in the title and the item Lot# won in the description.  Please pay for your winnings as soon as you can. Items get sent out when we have received all payments (no COD, hand deliveries!) DO NOT bid if you do not have the gold to cover your bids.  Those who do not pay for auctions won will be excluded from future auctions.



To reward those who donate high value items to the auction, 50% rounded down to the nearest 1000 of MM price of the item at the time of donation will be awarded to the donor in raffle tickets.  Example:  Donation 1 is valued  for 1800 gold.  1800/2 = 900 rounded down = 0 so no raffle tickets.  Donation 2 valued for 4300 gold.  4300/2 = 2150 rounded down = 2000 so donor receives 2 raffle tickets.  The donor receives raffle tickets, the bidder receives items and the guild receives gold.   Everyone wins!



There can be 3 types of auctions. The type of auction will be decided based on the number of items donated and the amount of time the auctioneer has to conduct the auction.

Open:  In a open auction, there will be no time limit and the auction will end after the 2nd & final call for more bids.

Timed:  In a timed auction, there will be a time limit announced with the items.  At the end of this time, the auctioneer will announce that the auction has ended and the highest bidder at that time will be the winner.

Flash:  In flash auctions, a very short time of a minute or under will be announced with the time.  At the end of this time, the auctioneer will announce that the auction has ended and the highest bidder at that time will be the winner.

Website : This auction is held on the website, a list of items are posted and you have a specific amount of time to get your bids in


Remember that the auction is for a good cause so feel free to bid above a items value.  All gold received from guild events goes to future guild events, the guild trader and support of the guild.


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