October 31 - November 27th @8.30PM EST (After the main raffle draw)

This month, Rusty Old Dragons is giving away MILLIONS!!  On top of our regular raffle prizes, at the end of the month of November, we will be giving away an extra 4 million in gold.  How do you win you say?  By being active in the guild or just being lucky. There are several ways to get tickets to the Millions Raffle event.

The event will run from October 31st to November 27th giving members a total of 4 weeks to rack up tickets.  While the regular rules still apply to our regularly planned raffles, there is no win limit on the Big Millions event.  This means you could win 4 million gold on top of prizes from our normal raffle.



1st Prize 1,000,000 gold
2nd Prize 1,000,000 gold
3rd Prize 500,000 gold
4th Prize 500,000 gold
5th Prize 500,000 gold
6th Prize 500,000 gold



WEEKLY RAFFLE: Be one of the 10 winners in the main raffle draw 1 Ticket  10
WEEKLY RAFFLE: Win the crafter's raffle 1 Ticket 1
GUILD AUCTION: Make one of the top 5 highest winning bids 1 Ticket 5
GUILD AUCTION: Make one of the top 5 highest selling donations 1 Ticket 5
GUILD STORE: Be one of the top 5 sellers in the guild store 1 Ticket 5
GUILD STORE: Be one of 2 randomly picked buyers from the guild store 1 Ticket 2


Each Week a total of 28 tickets will be issued, with a total of 118 tickets for the whole event. 



The draw for the Big Millions prize will be held after the regular raffle draw on Sunday, November the 27th. The draw will be shown live at this website (the same as the one we use for the regular raffle.)



You do not need to be online to win in this draw.

You can win more than once in this draw.

This draw is for Guild Members only.

Tickets are granted automatically (you don't need to do anything other than meet the conditions) and you can track them below.

GUILD AUCTION: Tickets are based on the highest donations and winning bids, not on the player. One player could win more than one ticket.

GUILD STORE: To pick the random guild store buyer, we will roll a 1d26 here to pick a letter of the alphabet. Then the most recent buyer, whose name starts with that letter, will be selected. 

Leaving the guild (inc via inactivity or being kicked) will make your entries void and those tickets will be granted to the next eligible player. 




No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em