February is Rusty Old Dragons birthday and to celebrate, we're running special events all month and we're doing a special Birthday Bash Raffle on February 26th! 


There will be TONS of ways to get tickets for the Birthday Bash Raffle draw. You can win tickets by participating in events or supporting the guild. That's right, you can win and/or earn your way into the draw, whatever way you prefer. There will be 10x 500,000 gold prizes....that is 5 MILLION gold. (just in time for housing!)


We hope this will be a fun way to celebrate Rusty Old Dragons 1 year anniversary in ESO & hope to see everyone with us at the next one.



10 x 500,000 Gold.

(limit 1 win per member)

Drawn: February 26th after the main raffle draw.



As well as a Short Story Writing Contest, and a Screenshot Contest, there will be other events happening throughout the month where you can win tickets. Winning events will get you at least 10 tickets into the draw. Keep an eye out for trivia, quizes and other events run by the Officers. We may also have a few special things pop up from time to time, without announcement!

Short Story Writing: Write us a story about ESO! More info here.

Screenshot Contest: Share an awesome screenshot! More info here.


Guild Auction:  10 tickets for being one of the top 5 auction item donors or bidders each week.

Guild Raffle:  10 tickets for winning ROE tokens in the regular raffle each week.

Guild Store:  10 tickets for being one of the 2 randomly selected guild members as a buyer in the guild store each week.

Top Sales:  10 tickets for being in the top 5 sales each week.


You can keep an eye on the embedded spreadsheet below to see how many tickets you've won so far.





No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em