Short Story Contest

November 7th @12.01am EST - November 13th @3am EST

The 2nd weekly event for the BIG MILLIONS is a short story writing contest. You'll need to sharpen your quill and wits, and write us a 500 word story about ESO! The participants with the highest 5 votes will each get 100,000 gold!

We have created a google form for this event which you can find below (you shouldn't need to sign in to google to complete this.) You can complete this as often as you like, but only your most recent submission will be counted. 



Only guild members who are registered here on the website will be able to enter this contest.

Only one entry is allowed per guild member.

Your story must be tied to Elder Scrolls Online. It can be fiction, or non-fiction.

No ERP, kinky stuff, tentactles... keep it G rated please.

The maximum word count for this is 500 words (not 501.. or a few more.)

Your entry must be submitted before November 13th @3am EST.




If your guildlaunch display name is different to your @name in game, you'll need to update it or add your name to the post when you submit your entry.

After the submission time has closed, we will compile the stories and post a poll so you can pick your favourites.

Only guild members who are registered here on the website will be able to vote.

Voting will be open from November 13th 12.01am EST - November 20th @3am EST (as soon as I get the polls up!) 

The winners will be announced November 20th, after the raffle draw.

The guild members with the 5 highest votes will each win 100k gold.

Any stories that don't meet the above conditions will be disqualified.




No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em